26/01/2017 23:59
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keren, sukses terus ya...
:) :) :) :)

29/01/2011 07:14
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13/06/2008 05:22
kenal, semoga kebahagian
senantiasa menyertai segala
aktifitas kita

03/06/2008 04:45
mommyyyyy....apa kabar
nih.....kabar2 dunks

30/05/2008 06:37
Software Murah
Ingin software seharga
Rp.1000/pc? Klik saja
Dijamin puas!

08/05/2008 06:10
aku ijin ngelink ya mbakkuw
sayaaaanggg :-*

05/05/2008 04:18
den, cah wedhok nang foto
kui sopo yo?

11/04/2008 02:47
mbak deeennnn... miss you
much much... cium buat rama
and baby tyo yaaaaaahhh :-*

09/04/2008 11:27
Learn about wall
Thanks for your info

03/03/2008 06:30
gimana kabar si baby say?

22/02/2008 05:35
den, kemana aja? aku udah
lahiran nih.... :D dirimu
kapan kah?

21/02/2008 06:53
Mba denny diupdate donk
blognya..mau lihat baby Tyo

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