08:29am 24/01/11
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One thing you have to also
take notice is that while
most politicians like
George Bush and Hilary
Clinton to draw great
attention, it is the steady
loyal readers of blogs that
create a following.

02:19am 14/01/11
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The process is automated
and expedited through
optimized software program,
which simply works at your

06:35pm 11/01/11
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Blogging is by no means any
different than this except
that it is certainly much
faster and easier.

11:23pm 10/01/11
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These writers are well
trained and foresighted
about how blog should
behave once in the grip of
search engine.

07:25pm 06/01/11
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2) Quick news updates from
around the world.

05:33pm 06/01/11
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Chances are, if you are
veteran web surfer, you
skip the first inch and
half or so because you know
there is only a banner ad
up there.

07:31am 04/01/11
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Even too many links
pointing to your internal
blog pages harms a bit your

06:18pm 01/01/11
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This is why you need to
keep on top of your posting
schedule and not let the
period between the posts
get longer and longer.

04:04pm 23/12/10
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Again, make each blog count
towards the ultimate goal.

06:31pm 21/12/10
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There is what we call trade

04:55pm 21/12/10
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In other words, you blog
can act as a kind of portal
for any kind of services
that your customers would
like to add or purchase

01:28pm 21/12/10
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You can add an rss feed to
your site which allows
others to link to your site
and visit your site again
and again.

09:49am 21/12/10
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From teenagers to corporate
executives, bloggers have
their own reasons for
engaging people in this

01:21am 12/12/10
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If I don't ping my
twitter, it can take up to
2 months for my site to be
indexed by Google.

02:56pm 11/12/10
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Use a keyword tool to find
high traffic keywords to
include in your articles
Your blog's visitors will
find you via the search
engines, so it's important
to include keywords in your

12:42pm 09/12/10
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It's all about finding
common ground and a voice
they'll like.

07:56am 07/12/10
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There will be days that you
don't feel like blogging
or days when you don't
have a clue what you will
write about.

04:15pm 05/12/10
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Posting lends you a smart
way to reproduce the
content over various
happening sites; and that
too just in minutes.

08:13am 05/12/10
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Please respect your readers
by replying to them, not to
all but to the key comments
that seems to be
controversial or
contradictory to yours.

03:05pm 04/12/10
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Blog content The most
important aspect of a blog
is its content.

03:32pm 02/12/10
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