19/01/2009 12:46
» Hi Natalie! Thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! I hope you enjoyed your visit! ~Lilly-chan

10/01/2009 05:59
Hi anyone there
» Hi Selene, thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! ~Lilly-chan

07/01/2009 07:07
:thumb;) I Love chibi moon
and Helios together
» :) They are my favorite couple too! Thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! ~Lilly-chan

25/12/2008 03:42
Merry Christmas Hon!
» Hi Usagi! Sorry for the late X'mas message back! Thanks for the visiting Moonlight Real Girls! ~Lilly-chan

02/12/2008 07:15
hello there.. is the PGSM
Kirari Super Live have
english subtitle? hope you
reply to my blog.^^ thanks
» Hi Sara, Thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! To answer your question I suggest checking out miss dream. They have translations of the songs and everything Sailor Moon. :) ~Lilly-chan

23/08/2008 21:02
Hi I.m big fan So like you
mamour/tuxedo mask and save
the world who has loving
live in together I like
that. Dear Usagi, Mamour
please to say me something
at the my birthday is March
18. and latter to say me
Oh, well see you ya
» Hi Denice, Yep Mamoru is awsome! Thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! ~Lilly-chan

10/07/2008 21:16
This show was awesome.
» Yep PGSM is an awesome drama! Thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! ~Lilly-chan

26/06/2008 00:54
i luv keiko!
» Yea another Keiko fan! Do you know she will be staring in Paradise Kiss a live action film in May 2011- Read about it at- http://moonratio.sailormoon.cc/?p=1089 anyways thanks for visiting Moonlight Real Girls! ~Lilly-chan

20/06/2008 04:30
OMG! Luna looks SO cute in
the banner!
» ^.^ yep I love Luna in PGSM! Thanks!

12/06/2008 15:44
Karina Martinez
I have loved Sailor Moon
for years.
» ^.^ I've been a fan for more than 10+ years myself!

25/05/2008 05:00
David Lee
i am sailormoon fan from
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
» wow very cool! I love having fans from overseas commenting about my website! I glad to find another Sailor Moon fan! ^.^

14/05/2008 02:20
Sailor Moon Forever!!
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
is the best live action
ever! <3 ;) Arigatou
» Yep! I have to agree to that!

19/04/2008 18:42
Minako Yaten
Come visit my website
» K, cool thanks for sharing the link.

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