18/10/2011 09:18
you are legend (y)

11/03/2011 14:01
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30/01/2011 04:15
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17/04/2010 13:22
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15/04/2010 10:11
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16/12/2009 08:30
Daeng Lalo
Kunjungan malam, bro

03/12/2009 05:13
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blogwalking niii... : ) )

31/07/2009 10:31
Ass... semangat...

08/06/2009 12:03
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24/05/2009 10:44
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19/05/2009 04:25
Ben Bella
tetap semangat, buktikan
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akan pernah bisa dibungkam,
bahkan oleh penjara

05/05/2009 10:06
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Boldly going nowhere

27/04/2009 06:45
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always wanted to be

23/04/2009 06:55
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I'm not into working out.

21/04/2009 15:44
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02/04/2009 11:42
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31/03/2009 07:39
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23/03/2009 06:54
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18/03/2009 04:46
berjuang terus daeng kita
dukung !!!apapun alasannya

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