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07/02/2010 00:27
Salam kenal dari NTB...
Bisa kita ngajukan
permohonan bantuan bahan
bacaan Untuk TBM di tempat

28/09/2009 14:17
Mika Halpin
Mas Res, makasi ya udah mau
bantu! Kerjaan yg di
Jakarta itu re-packing buku
yang udah dikirim dari
Aussie dan keep in touch
sama penerima buku di
daerah2. Itu aja mas. Oiya!
Mgkn tahun ini mau ada
ekspansi tim sponsorship.
Kerjaannya mainly cari
sponsor =D

28/09/2009 05:56
tugas volunteer nya ngapain
aja yah? kalo di jakarta
mgkn bs bantu :)

07/09/2009 02:33
You all rock! Hehe :)

11/08/2009 01:27
Mika Halpin
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just send e-mail to:

03/07/2009 08:44
Peter Hill
This website is from a
Group in Indonesia, who
were students in Brisbane,
and who collected a lot of
Books here to be
Distributed in Indonesia..
This contains a Thank-You
and some photos of the
Books going to School
Children ?

30/06/2009 09:13
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always wanted to be

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