12/09/2009 11:54
lina jaya
mbak wah aku pengen belajar
byk mengenai bisnisonline n

17/07/2009 05:53
Mbak Dini.. gimana caranya
ada di halaman pertama
seandainya saya tidak ketik

22/06/2009 09:54
hotmail com pe
Do witches run spell

22/06/2009 09:54
hotmail com pe
Do witches run spell

05/06/2009 05:33
Hawaii Holistic Health Practitioners
Axe me about Ebonics

11/05/2009 07:13
Salam kenal, mbak. blog nya

02/04/2009 09:22
How do you tell when you
run out of invisible ink

24/03/2009 06:33
Allergy and Immunology resources
Wear short sleeves! Support
your right to bare arms

21/03/2009 12:35
Salam kenal. Mb boleh minta
id YM nya dong. Buat
sharing dbc-network nih

16/03/2009 09:56
Homeopathy Physicians in US
A closed mouth gathers no

03/03/2009 13:13
Wyom Practitioners
I don’t get even . . . .
. I get odder

23/02/2009 10:22
Florida Optometrists
Can't agree with you more
my friend

21/02/2009 17:44
Tennessee certified pilots
Do pilots take

21/02/2009 17:36
Cardiology Pediatrics
How do you tell when you
run out of invisible ink

18/02/2009 10:56
Family Practice Chiropractors in Michigan
always wanted to be

17/02/2009 14:48
Pennsylvania Radiology
The older I get, the older
old is

12/02/2009 12:38
Rheumatology Pediatrics in US
I'm not into working out.

12/02/2009 09:02
Alabama orthopedic chairs directory
Shin: a device for finding
furniture in the dark

02/01/2009 13:37
Aircraft registration records in Florida
Axe me about Ebonics

19/12/2008 13:21
Womens Health in Louisiana
I drive way too fast to
worry about cholesterol

17/12/2008 16:34
Maryland s
If it ain't broke, fix it
until it is

16/12/2008 14:34
Physicians and Surgeons Answering Services in Vermont
If it's too loud, you're
too old

16/12/2008 10:09
e Aviation and Aerospace Medic
Axe me about Ebonics

14/12/2008 17:40
Connecticut computer service directory
Hey also come visit my site

08/12/2008 09:06
clock signs in Oklahoma
Are you complete sure?

05/12/2008 18:15
Find stools
What were you thinking when
you wrote this

17/11/2008 05:34
infonya bagus,tapi agak
susah untuk mencari artikel
yang ngebahas secara detail
hubungan neurotransmiter
dengan rasa senag.:)

12/11/2008 22:34
recipes collection
Familiarity breeds children

30/10/2008 08:14
mba\' tolong aku
dibantuin ya... coz aku
masih gaptek banget. Bikin
blog aja nggak kelar-kelar.
Aku mo serius belajar di
Asian Brain neh.:(

13/10/2008 01:40
Aslam Sani
mbak dini, please kasih YM
ID nya, aku mo kontak nih.

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