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01/03/2011 03:44
anak unyu
Halooo aq gy cari tugas pkn
niech .. ,, ,, , , !!:p

29/01/2011 02:04
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But why not also set up
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27/01/2011 16:03
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05/10/2010 02:12
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Among other things, when you create a blog, you are expressing a layman's competence on a particular subject.

25/09/2010 22:23
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A blog that has nothing
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offers nothing to the
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17/09/2010 20:41
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I see too many blogs that
have short posts of only a
few hundred words or less.

30/05/2010 16:25
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People are more likely to
return to blogs with longer
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30/06/2009 07:12
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Can't agree with you more my friend

22/06/2009 09:21 information
What were you thinking when
you wrote this

29/04/2009 05:19
Salam Kenla, Nice Blog :D

28/04/2009 08:53
Information and Referral Services
Never raise your hands to
your kids

15/04/2009 08:24
Psychoanalysts resources
Familiarity breeds children

11/04/2009 10:31
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Kabupaten Badung Bali
kegiatan pengadaan sepatu
pegawai Rp 2,5 M dengan
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2006 banyak kasus masih
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07/04/2009 11:58
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Why do psychics have to ask
you for your name

03/04/2009 11:46
The older I get, the older
old is

20/03/2009 10:26
Osteopathic in US
The study of paintings

05/03/2009 16:40

02/03/2009 08:47
play games online
Born free . . . Taxed to

28/01/2009 03:11
Michigan collectibles listings
I'm not cheap, but I am on special this week

04/01/2009 09:22
Tukang kebun online
jalan-jalan yaaa:)

26/12/2008 16:28
Find sport
If it's too loud, you're too old

26/12/2008 16:28
Find sport
If it's too loud, you're too old

22/12/2008 08:01
assalamu'alaikm...mas to pak..boleh minta alamat ym ga?ini blog bagus,aneh,n jarang banget..jd pgn ngbrol2 sma yg nulis..

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