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14/12/2009 03:16
@ anggita...silakan jeung,
semoga bermanfaat :)

14/12/2009 00:52
hai jeng..ak boleh contek
yg a letter to my dearest
friend yah? mau ak kasih k
sahabat ak..hampir mirip
sama crita d surat
itu..makasih yah..:)

05/11/2009 08:06
Hai.. hai.. salam kenal..
Senangb erkunjung :)

11/09/2009 06:02
halooo...berkunjungg :)
salam kenal yaa

25/08/2009 23:21
salam kenal bu nugroho, Aku
pake AC denpo, and memenuhi
kriteriamu loh...:)

23/06/2009 05:22
gimana sih cara ngilangin
spam di shout box?/...: ((

22/06/2009 12:59
Turbo Cash Generator
Do witches run spell

17/06/2009 04:21
kabar baik bu nugroho :)
eh, sbnrnya lg sakit radang
usus sih, lg bedrest. tp
secara hati, baik. and that
is what matters, bukan? :)

03/06/2009 09:59

09/05/2009 06:12
hai. slm knl..sama2

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